The influence of the mystery planets

The Aquarian period provides new opportunities for the Earth and its inhabitants. The influences of the mystery planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto already forge ahead. It is essential how humanity responds to these influences.

The cosmos has a strong impact on all life on Earth. Electromagnetic fields fill the universe, stars and planets emit radiation. Nothing and no one can elude them and man must respond to them also because the human body is built with the same elements as the Earth, the planets and the stars. This creates a close link between the human and stellar bodies. By the movements of the stars, influences are changing, and the cosmic radiation interacts with all people on Earth directly, or indirectly through breath and nutrition.

The current new radiation conditions of the dawning Age of Aquarius produce a general increase in vibration on Earth, which is behind the changes of many environmental and natural processes – and especially in the behavior of man. The energies released by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto play a special role in this event.

In the teachings of the Universal Wisdom, all the planets embody divine principles, forces and laws. The so-called mystery planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are particularly important for the new influences. Their orbits are situated beyond the “Gate of Saturn”, so beyond the already long known planet sphere of our solar system. The mystery planets were not successively discovered until the 18th, 19th and 20 Century and so became relevant to humanity only a relatively short time ago. They are considered esoteric transmitters of energies from outside our solar system which will be the basis of future life on Earth.

Man should realize the divine self

The influences from Uranus, Neptune and Pluto want to prepare humanity for a new consciousness. They do not build on the physical form of man, for with that there is nothing more to build. They influence him in his innermost being, chasing him into a major life conflict that is greater than ever before. They push him to a profound change. Man has two choices: He can respond negatively, and this would bind himself to the Earth even more firmly. Or he can respond positively to the new radiation, and in this case have the opportunity to give up his selfishness and participate in an inner transformation, transfiguration. This is the mysterious rebirth of the new, divine man.

The starting point for this is hidden in the human heart, a remaining spark that is left over from the divine nature. The Rosicrucians call this spark the „Rose of the heart“. Anyone who devotes himself to the Rose, follows an inner necessity, because he does not feel at home in this world. He will be given great opportunities by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto because they help him to cross the border and to consummate the inner transformation.

Uranus – the purifying fire

Uranus has a powerful impact on the heart of man. It is cleaned and purified through the fiery forces of this mystery planet. In such a heart burns the fire of divine love which can be a light without passions and emotions for those who seek the truth. From the heart, the Uranus-rays enter the blood and affect the brain, the pituitary gland, one of the most important endocrine glands. There, Uranus can release the human creative power from lower drives, so that the pituitary gland – the key to the soul – can adjust to the higher life.

The Uranus forces also manifest themselves as intuition, as the ability of the renewed soul to apprehend God’s plan for humanity. So man will be equipped with completely new possibilities and capabilities. Those who recognize this and participate in this development, enter a life that is in harmony with the radiation laws. But if man cannot or does not want to respond to the radiation, and if the renewing forces will meet resistance, he gets in a serious, but self-created conflict due to his defensive position.

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