Aspects of Rosicrucian initiation

The path of initiation into the mysteries of the Light, as it is taught and lived in the Lectorium Rosicrucianum, is based on the vision of a coming new man. Several books describe this path as the great metamorphosis of man; Transfiguration.

Initiation means the entry to a higher consciousness and a new quality of human being. There are different types of initiation systems. Many steps have to be taken, always with regard to the actual status of man’s consciousness. Ancient initiation systems were mostly focussed on individualization. Today, mankind lives at the beginning of the Aquarius era. Individualization has come to its maximum, and even more than that: By means of spiritual dvelopment, it has become a one-way road. For entering a higher consciousness, a new door has to be found and passed through. This door is Transfiguration.

Coming New Man

by Jan van Rijckenborgh

Summary: The human struggle for Light
The Coming New Man takes the reader along on a search for the other one within himself. This book, addressed to the reader of the 20th and 21st centuries, describes the human struggle for Light. It contains the key to correct self-analysis, which is a process of self-purification, and the next step in the form of an openness to a spiritual future. The ultimate goal is Transfiguration, which is the development of a new human being who lives from forces we can scarcely comprehend. This book describes the new human being in detail, enabling the modern seeker to recognize him and wend his way to following in his footsteps. The Coming New Man is standard literature for those wishing to immerse themselves in the universal teachings of Light.

328 pages; hardcover

Dei Gloria Intacta

by Jan van Rijckenborgh

Summary: The present initiation system of the Rosycross
This book explains why the old religions and initiation systems no longer work and why a new esoteric development is necessary. It leaves the reader in no doubt that man stands before a concrete path of initiation, which is explained using the symbolism of the planets. The ego and its vehicles are transcended, and the new, Spirit-Soul human being is born.

252 pages, trade paperback


by Catharose de Petri

Summary: The gnostic method of Transfiguration
Transfiguration is a gnostic method of completely replacing the mortal, separative, earth-born human being with the original, immortal, divine being. Using precepts from the Bible, the Upanishads, Hermes Trismegistus and Lao Tzu as her inspiration, the author shares with us the clarity of her vision and understanding of the process that lies at the heart of all genuine spiritual teachings.

44 pages, paperback

The Universal Path

by Jan van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri

Summary: Twelve talks
In these twelve talks originally addressed to pupils of the School of the Golden Rosycross, the authors use symbolism drawn from a variety of sources including the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, ancient Egyptian texts, freemasonry, the Tao Te Ching and Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, to illustrate the path of transfiguration, its consequences and pitfalls.

99 pages, trade paperback

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The Egyptian Arch Gnosis

The four volumes of “The Egyptian Arch Gnosis” are based on the universal wisdom of the Emerald Tablet and the first two books of the Corpus Hermeticum by Hermes Trismegistos. Original texts with commentaries.

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The origins of the Rosicrucians

Where do the Rosicrucians come from, and who is Christian Rosycross? The Rosycrucian teachings of universal wisdom date back to ancient sources. At the beginning of the 17th Century the term “Rosycross” was published in Europe in the classical Rosicrucian

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How do Rosicrucians practise their spiritual path?

On the spiritual path of the Rosycross, the candidate passes through many doors. Above the first one is inscribed: Know thyself! Whoever opens his heart to the light of the spirit, begins a dynamic path that leads from self-knowledge to a complete renewal of life.

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The Alchemy of the Rosicrucians

Alchemy is the art that leads the development processes, which are laid out in nature, to their perfection. The force for perfection is availble in principle. But it requires a conscious self, to enable this accomplishment.

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Current organization of the LRC

Currently, the Lectorium Rosicrucianum has pupils and members in thirty-six countries, including many countries in Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The international head office is located in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

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